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Sewer Camera – Sewer Scope – Sewer Line Video

This is a highly specialized, expensive piece of equipment, similar to a doctor’s surgical scope. With the camera we are able to look at the inside condition of your sewer pipe. It is possible to see tree root penetration and resulting pipe deterioration, pipe fractures, low spots, high spots, cracked pipes, leaking joints, broken spots, aged lines, joint separations, joint offsets and total pipe collapses. There are highly expansive soils in Colorado which can compound these potential problems. Clay tile pipe, iron pipe, Orangeberg pipe and settling pipes may eventually need to be replaced for proper pipe function.

“Second Opinion” (Certified)

Hurricane Drain is happy to re-examine your sewer pipe and serve as a “different set of experienced eyes” for you. We’ll give you our unbiased opinion regarding your sewer pipe’s maintenance, repair or replacement. We’re also happy to provide:

• Pre-purchase real estate inspection

• Pre-construction inspection for building additions and garages

• Inspections for major landscaping projects


Electronic Sewer Pipe Locating (underground)
We have state-of-the-art pipe locating equipment that can pinpoint the problems in a sewer line (where and how deep underground – if it is necessary).

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